Sunday, 8 November 2015

What is it Like Living in Kent?

Where else offers you the bright lights and bustling atmosphere of London, but is always within easy distance of some of the most scenic countryside and villages in the country? If you live in Kent, you’re able to have breakfast in France but be back home in time for lunch.

Canterbury town centre

Living and working in Kent offers amazing opportunities that you won’t find anywhere else.
Kent is buzzing with its own unique atmosphere – centuries of history nestle alongside big-city stores, funky boutiques, and a cutting-edge club scene. Where else could you travel from the White Cliffs of Dover past vineyards and cider farms, castles and cathedrals, and end up with a spot of shopping in Bluewater, one of the largest retail centres in Europe?
Perhaps the most famous city here is Canterbury, which offers trendy shops and clubs that rub shoulders with the famous cathedral and stunning historical town centre. There are three universities in Canterbury, giving the city a bustling atmosphere and meaning that you’ll never run out of choice when you fancy a night on the town.
Maybe you’d like to head to the beach for some surfing or scuba-diving after work? Kent has a spectacular coastline and there are some wonderful seaside towns to live and work. Folkestone is top of my list as an up-and-coming town with loads to offer. It has an exciting town centre, breath-taking views, and prices are pretty reasonable if you’re looking for a place of your own. It’s also undergoing a multi-million pound regeneration scheme so things can only get better.

Harbour view
If you’re seeking a bit more tranquillity, then Kent is also home to some of the prettiest towns and villages in the UK. They often feature in top ten lists of places to live, and particular favourites of mine are Edenbridge and Whitstable. If you have a car, I recommend a leisurely drive through Kent so you can see what’s on offer for yourself. The sweeping Kent countryside is beautiful enough on its own, and it also conceals hidden gems like market towns, picturesque villages and hidden hamlets. You might also pass by some more familiar sights such as Leeds Castle, Brands Hatch and Chatham’s Historic Dockyard.

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