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About Us

Who We Are
Established in 1989 TimePlan Education introduced the concept of a professional recruitment service for schools and teachers. Since then the company has expanded to include a network of 9 offices throughout the UK and international recruitment in Canada, America, New Zealand, Australia and Ireland. To date TimePlan has provided 100,000 staff to schools all over the country and has well established links with Local Education Authorities. TimePlan was awarded the Quality Mark when it was introduced in 2003, and has achieved 100% compliance in every Quality Mark Inspection.

What We Do
TimePlan Education supplies highly qualified teachers, nursery nurses and class room assistants for schools throughout the UK, we provide permanent staff as well as cover for day-to-day and long-term positions. Our teachers and School Support Staff (SSS) range from newly qualified to the highly experienced.

Our Hallmark
TimePlan’s success stems from its determination to provide schools, teachers and SSS with a professional service; our educational ethos is our hallmark. Strict checks and vetting procedures ensure that we only take on the very best teachers and SSS. We also match the subject and age specialism of the teachers or SSS to the needs of the schools. This not only provides schools with the right teacher or SSS in the right place at the right time, but also ensures teachers’ and SSS’ job satisfaction. It is TimePlan’s quality control and emphasis on education which sets us apart from other employment agencies.

Our Commitment 
We only recruit qualified teachers and SSS who are adaptable, positive and have proven classroom management skills.

We fully support all of our teachers and SSS and encourage
constructive feed back so that our knowledge base as an organisation is constantly growling. Likewise our close relationships with head teachers have allowed us to adapt and enhance our service to meet the changing needs of schools

What can TimePlan offer?
TimePlan teachers and SSS are there to help you in a variety of ways.

Day-to-day: Staff illness or training may mean that you need a teacher or SSS for one or two days. The teachers and SSS we use to cover these situations are flexible, resilient and authoritative.
Long-term: Maternity leave, long term staff sickness or an unfilled vacancy can leave a gap in the timetable for half a term, a term or even more. In cases such as these you need a teacher or SSS who will fully participate in school life and provide curriculum continuity for your pupils. 

Permanent: Many long-term teachers and SSS become fully-fledged members of staff once a school have assessed their suitability for the role.

For all types of work teachers and SSS are matched to meet your needs. At primary level we differentiate between nursery, infant and junior, and at secondary level we recognise that teachers and SSS are subject specialists.

Where do our teachers and SSS come from?
TimePlan also recruits teachers and SSS from around the world, however most of our overseas candidates hail from Canada, America, New Zealand, Australia and

Outside of the UK, international advertising draws a regular number of well-qualified applicants. Prior to a candidate being introduced to a school our network of International Recruitment Coordinators take the candidates through our rigorous checking procedures and in depth interviews.

How do we support our teachers and SSS?
We pride ourselves on giving sound, personal support from the moment a teacher or SSS registers with us. On accepting an assignment a teacher or SSS is given a full briefing on what is expected and is also provided with travel directions. We also provide our teachers and SSS with:

Head Teacher Consultants: Mike Kelly our Head Teacher Consultant is able to offer practical advice and guidance drawn from his many years of experience as both subject teacher and Head Teacher.
Training Programmes: we run seminars covering behaviour management, Literacy and Numeracy Hours and all aspects of the national curriculum.
Accommodation assistance: We offer advice and assistance to all our staff seeking both temporary and permanent accommodation.
Airport Collection: TimePlan South East offers free airport collection to all teachers or SSS that will be working in our area and arrive at one of the following airports, Heathrow, Gatwick, Stanstead. We collect teachers and take them to their chosen guest house or permanent accommodation.
Banking: We have an arrangement with Lloyd's Bank which enables us to help our teachers or SSS set up bank accounts.
National Insurance Numbers: We guide all our overseas teachers or SSS through the process of applying for their NI Number.
Healthcare: We explain to our overseas teachers or SSS how to register with a doctor and dentist and provide local lists.
Social Events: We organise regular Social events for our teachers.

If you would like to have a chat about how we can help you give us a call! On 01732 373340 or email us at

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