Monday, 16 November 2015

The Judd School, Tonbridge, Rules Out Grammar School Annexe By Tonbridge Courier

The Judd School

The Judd School has ruled out opening an annexe in Sevenoaks as a partner to the new Weald of Kent grammar building approved by the Government.
It was announced last week that the girls' school had been given the go-ahead to build an annexe in Sevenoaks.
Attention has now switched to where a boys' annexe could be built, though The Judd School has been quick to distance itself from speculation.
Only Skinners', The Judd School and Tunbridge Wells Grammar School for Boys are seen as viable options to take on a boys' annexe, due to their single-sex intake from the Sevenoaks district.
Edward Wesson, headmaster at Skinners', told the Courier the school was open to discussions. "The decision does open the question 'why not a boys' annexe?'" he said. "We have a percentage of pupils from Sevenoaks and we are one of the three schools who could do it.
"We haven't discussed it in any great detail but I think it is clearly something that all grammar schools would have to look at."
But Robert Masters, head of The Judd School in Tonbridge, appeared to rule out his school, saying it was "not giving the idea any more consideration".
Tunbridge Wells Grammar School for Boys' head teacher John Harrison also said his school had "ruled the idea out" after consideration.
Campaigners behind the annexe are now mobilising to secure the same provision for boys.

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