Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Improving Education at School By Tarvinder Singh

Spreading the word of educating the masses is not going to help unless ‘quality' is stringed with every bit of knowledge imbibed at school. Gone are the days when only the privileged used to walk down to schools and experienced a distinguished phase. Today, even the rural areas are equipped with schools where most of the students can attain good education. Some of the active improvements that are usually ignored when considering the frame of educational policies are as mentioned below. Inclusion of these factors can bring about a great difference in the educational domain:
Mind cannot do well without a healthy body
Healthy activities like an hour of morning play or division of the class strength into certain groups involved in various games that can depend on individual choice. Exercising the body increases the flow of blood within the body and brain thereby introducing better capability to learn. Introduction of mandatory gaming activities at schools is the very first step towards educational enhancement.
Engage students in real-time demonstration
The contemporary schooling is only related to the theoretical explanation of the stratagems and phenomenon involved in the events of day-to-day life. This is what makes the classroom session monotonous and the students fail to maintain the same levels of concentration. Acquaintance with interactive audio or live experimentation can not only bring about a difference in the level of understanding of the students but can also help them in better relating certain phenomenon to the surrounding environment.
Establishing Connections in the various subjects
The students are sometimes unable to understand why it is important to study such a large number of subjects. This is because they fail to identify the connection of one subject with the other. History, Geography, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Civics and so many subjects are all related. When students become capable of distinguishing between the themes of each of these subjects, it is essential to explain to them the connection and that any missing component can bring their knowledge to a dead end.
Expansion of the existing skill arena
The teachers at school play a crucial role in understanding the psychology of students and in helping students follow a certain path. Analysis of the skills of students and their area of excellence is the responsibility of the teachers. Assigning responsibilities to carve the existing talent in students beautifully is all about educating students perfectly. The teachers can also interact with parents to guide them about helping them with the areas in which they are found to perform exceptionally. 
Guiding students at an emotional level
The intellectual quotient may differ from student to student but a greater factor to be taken care of is the level of support that students feel at an emotional level. Some students may be active while some may be occupied with a series of thoughts that may be concerning the way they are treated at home or any other concern. Counseling of students is important in finding out what they think. Young minds can be easily directed in the right direction with a little amount of support. 
It's time to fill in the gaps in the education system so that students can count on the younger years of their life for building a successful career ahead.

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