Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Greenwich at a Glance By Alison Grice

The beautiful Greenwich and what it has to offer.

View Queens House

Walking through Greenwich Park is like being on the set of Pride and Prejudice, except no one is in period costume. It ‘s so beautiful and picturesque you can almost imagine an 18th century royal casually strolling about the place. 

There are people jogging everywhere. I, for one, had no intention of running anywhere at all, but it was nice to see, all the same. More in my comfort zone were friends playing Frisbee, and families relaxing in the sunshine, having picnics on the grass. Perfect!

Being in Greenwich has the quirky excitement of London, yet the peaceful stretches of greenery and flowers of the countryside. As you come out of Greenwich Park you’re met with quaint streets, and a buzz of shops and places to eat.

Going on a Saturday with Greenwich Market in full swing gives such a great atmosphere to the place. There are so many stands full of beautiful items to browse, and lots of stalls with an amazing variety of tasty street food. I had a very naughty but equally delicious Churro with the traditional ‘Dulce de Leche’. The only thing stopping me from eating it in one was the hot liquid caramel in the middle! 

Simply walking around Greenwich is an absolute delight. There are beautiful things to see, open spaces to relax in and just about any kind of food that takes your fancy. It is definitely now on my list of favourite places.

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