Thursday, 4 February 2016

TimePlan want Me to Teach in the UK- WooHoo!

Hello all that are reading our blog here in TimePlan, South East!
I hope you exist otherwise I am writing to myself :)

I have spoken to a lot of amazing Canadians recently who have gathered information on coming over and working with us.
It is all very exciting especially for me as I am the newest member of the team and so thrilled to meet and greet these wonderful teachers.

I have been asked a lot of questions and I wanted to possibly address some here to help others hoping to make the move.
As you graduate from school I know the anxiousness that can build up in regards travelling across the world to not only travel and experience a new culture but also, take up employment and start a potential life-long career.

I, myself, moved to Kent in November so I am discovering new places all the time. My favourite thing so far is being so close to London and Europe. I have always loved going into the big city of London and exploring the sights, I also love going to the theatre and eating out, who wouldn't ?
Also, Paris is a train ride away from Kent- how amazing is that? direct from Kent in a couple of hours and you could be climbing the Eiffel Tower or seeing Mickey in Disneyland-give me the latter any day ;)

The reason I moved to Kent is because my American husband found work with our office as a Primary Teacher. It was hard finding him work as he had no experience in the UK and lots of other agencies required UK experience before looking at him. When we were in Wales-where I am from- he volunteered in my old Primary school which benefited him greatly.

Aforementioned Piggy and Jimmy

Luckily, I was on google one day and found TimePlan who saw my husband's potential and couldn't wait to speak with him. Within a week he was interviewing in schools and in the same week he got the Year 5 job offer he has now.
Piggy and Jimmy, our cats, got thrown (gently) into the car and 4 hours later we were starting a new chapter.

As I have said I am new in the office but I just love chatting with people who are enthusiastic about exploring the UK and becoming a great, experienced teacher and if anyone has any questions they can contact me any time and I will answer as soon as I can.

 The process may be a little overwhelming and can seem a little too much too early but there are a shortage of Primary teachers and a lot of jobs so, we like to get things moving as soon as we can and we don't miss a beat so the teacher can have the pick of the bunch!

However, it is our job to get you here and it is our job to keep you happy so please take a deep breath and let us know if you don't quite understand anything or need guidance.

How we operate 
First, we will call you to chat, get to know you initially and what you want from your experience. We will also tell you what we offer and how it all works. This is the first time, potentially, that we speak but it is just a chat and nothing formal so ask what you want or tell us to go away -nicely- and call again and we will be more than happy to do so ;)
After this, if all is satisfied that you are seriously considering coming to the UK, that you are a qualified teacher and that you love teaching then we will put you forward for an interview with TimePlan. This will give you the opportunity to shine, we will ask questions based on your actual teaching style and management whether you be qualified or currently still training.
Once the interview is complete and you have answered questions to a satisfactory level then we will begin the process of getting you to the UK and starting your time as a teacher here. Easy, right?

There are a list of documents that we will need and we will gather these over time depending on your availability date but they are all attainable and nothing crazy.

Once you have your visa-if needed- and booked your flight we will collect you from the airport, bring you to our office to check all documents and get bank accounts set up etc etc.
Then we will take you to your hotel and go from there.....

In terms of accommodation we spend a lot of time helping our teachers get the best place for them.
The most affordable and efficient places to stay, especially initially, are in house shares. These are more and more popular especially since they usually include bills, are very economical and have the opportunity of meeting other young professionals that could introduce you to the best galleries, watering holes, restaurants, museums or sights. We will set up a couple of viewings for you so that you are not thrown into only having one choice and you can make your own informed decision.

I will draw a line here and ask for any other questions to be sent my way and maybe I will make this a regular spot if enough people need help!

Don't worry, life is good and it is just a phone call to a wonderful Welsh girl away-that is me!

+44 (0) 1732 373 340

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