Thursday, 18 February 2016

A New Church School in Paddock Wood By Lou Berwick


PLANS for a new primary school in Paddock Wood have been revealed by the head of Bennett Memorial School.
Ian Bauckham, head of Bennett and chief executive of Teanax Schools Trust, which is in charge of the schools, is proposing to open a new Church of England and Methodist primary school in the town from 2018.
"This will give Paddock Wood families a genuine choice of local primary schools and will meet growing need for places as new housing comes on stream," Mr Bauckham said.
The primary school will also include nursery provision.
"The proposal is being submitted as a free school this spring, and the outcome of the Department for Education's assessment process is expected in the summer of 2016."
"The new school will be fully inclusive and welcome all local families, regardless of background, who want a school with a focus on high quality teaching and high standards, underpinned by traditional Christian values," he said.
t will be supported by St Andrew's Church
The new school will work in close co-operation with Paddock Wood Primary School, who welcome this plan.
Mrs Ros Tucker, Chair of Governors at Paddock Wood Primary School, said: "We are fully aware of the proposal for a new Church school. We are keen to work with the Tenax Schools Trust to support the development of the school, and welcome the prospect, as the need grows, of more school places and greater choice for parents in the town."
"We are very excited by the prospect of working with the people of Paddock Wood to set up this new school," Mr Bauckham added.
"By insisting on high standards and Christian values, and by working with other local schools, including Paddock Wood School, it will help to raise standards for all children in the town, respond to the rising need for places as the town grows, and give choice to parents in the town."
The Revd Bryan Knapp, vicar of St Andrew's Church, Paddock Wood, said: "The opportunity for Paddock Wood to have a Church school, to complement existing choices, is an important one for us and for the town. We at St Andrew's Church are working closely with the Tenax Schools Trust on this proposal to create a genuinely inclusive but distinctive Church school for current and future families."

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